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Desired To Be Desired

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 “At the dawn of the second decade of the Twenty First Century, masculinity has been rendered so self-conscious in our mediated, mirrored world that even ‘regular guys’ are apparently just a fashion fad – this season’s accessory.”  Mark Simpson

This rise of “new man” in our surroundings and society in which we live who is far more interested in his image and is comfortable being seen as less certain of his masculine identity, who is breaking with the codes of a patriarchal and social constraint that identified them as strong machos, This has fascinated and intrigued me.

 I have named my collections - ‘Desire to be desired’, the bright and earthy colours I chose for these collections with humour playing an essential tool to express my thought

 The ‘Desire to be desired’ or The metrosexual subject in my paintings does not belong to any specific class or strata - highlighting the fact that this phenomenon is not confined only to the upper affluent classes and emphasizing its widespread reach in society, more than a satirical approach it is a sober social observation which deals with experimentation in terms of one’s outward physical appearance .This idea has been further enriched and influenced by writings of renowned English journalist Mark Simpson, who is credited for coining the term ‘metrosexual’ in the nineties.

To execute the above concept I have created my own character - “a bald, semi-naked, pot-bellied man living in a metropolitan city (Delhi)”, drawn from various observations I have made of people and events around me. The character is the main subject and the focal point of ideas in my paintings and his entire visage has been created so as to provide a contrast to his desires and to bring them to light.

My portfolio includes painting like Here comes the Mirror ManandRise of Mirror Man the character deals with his insecurities and his acceptance of his metrosexual needs, while remaining unconcerned with broader labels of homosexuality and cross-dressing and in the process,  growing more confident about himself.

Other painting such as “Man Crush” showcases admiration of man by another man and contradicting the notion only beauty of women is adorned where as “Graynian Shades” talks about nothing can come between him and his reflection and how he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure.

Work “Beauty and the Man Bag” is inspired by character of Indian mythology, it showcases how man has finally opened his bag (wallet) to buy beauty .Character of the shopkeeper is God Hanuman (resemble to monkey) with a mountain of sanjeevani booti (selaginella bryopteris)-plant that cures and give life to anything. It symbolizes yearning of a modern man to spend money to purchase product to cure/protect beauty.

Male preoccupation with beauty is also widely witnessed in Mythologies and fables of the west and India.

While my art work has explored the impact of societal changes towards male appearance and narrowing the gap between male and female to make them desirable it also unveil the thread of metrosexuality existed throughout the history including mythological period